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The club is exclusive to CEO's, Directors, and Investors (people of decision making status in their company); focusing on those in and around the tech industry.


In The City is a virtual club, bringing it's members together six times a year in each city it runs in. This platform enables members to extend their reach across the global tech industry through our members.


The club was built to bring its members together to help them grow their businesses, to support aspiring entrepreneurs and global good causes.


In The City Club is rapidly expanding, founded in Manchester UK, it now runs in London and New York with further expansion in the coming years.


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‘In The City’ was set up in 2015 by VST Enterprises to unite Entrepreneurs, Venture Capital Firms, Charities, Tech Businesses, Banks and Professional Service Companies, who would presently struggle to coordinate their respective efforts to come together.


The aim of the meetings are to encourage ‘In The City’ members and guests to work as one (not only to improve their own businesses) but to vastly improve the local economy, education and social environments for young people and the communities and cities in which they live.


‘In The City’ is an exclusive members initiative where all members will be subject to approval by the founding members (within each city). All members must be of Director or decision making level to ensure the integrity and professionalism required is maintained to make a difference in each city.


In 2014, our exclusive members network turned over in excess of £235 Billion worldwide. On 25th November 2015, Directors and partners from these companies gathered together for the first time with a unified aim… ‘Changing the world, One city at a time’.


With membership comes..

Insight and debate

Our events bring together differing points of view from industry experts to give our members insight into a range of industries.

This insight is designed to not only further the knowledge of our members but cause debate leading to a more holistic view of each industry.

High profile networking

The membership comprises of decision makers from multinationals like Microsoft and Barclays to SME's. This ensures that anyone you meet at our events is of a certain profile, allowing deals to be made in the room.

Chance to give back

The club actively encourages its members to support their local communities. We present our members with opportunities to support charities and local entrepreneurs looking to help make a positive change in the world themselves.


To find out more information in relation to 'In The City' or to sign up to attend an event, please send your personal and company details (for review) via the email link below. Emails will be responded to within 24 Hours.